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Gold Coast Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Chief Credit Officer

Job Title: Chief Credit Officer

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer

Summary: Responsible for planning and directing all of the lending and operation activities

of the company including loan solicitation, business development, loan production, technical

support and general administration.

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following. Other duties may be


1. Establishes and monitors the company goals and progress.

2. Reviews, on a continuous basis, the financial climate for the company to develop new

business opportunities, ensure excellent customer service, expand business opportunities,

ensure excellent customer service and expand business.

3. Develops and implements policies and procedures designed to promote company

philosophy within and outside the company, and to build the company image.

4. Responsible for all Federal and State regulations relative to lending and operations, as well

as overseeing staff to ensure appropriate compliance.

5. Responsible for loan and banking product development.

6. Coordinates the process of increasing productivity by analyzing organizational structure and

systems, identifying resources (staff, equipment, funds) required, and communicating with

appropriate department managers on the supporting strategies.

7. Responsible for analyzing and setting loan and deposit rates and ensuring that the rates are

reflective of the current financial climate.

8. Responsible for reviewing loans and approving loans within his authority, as well as making

recommendations to the Loan Committee of the Board with regard to loans outside his


9. Monitors sales and market trends through publications and customer contact.

10. As a member of the ALCO Committee, is instrumental for setting investment, liquidity and

interest rate risk policy and goals.

11. Develops new business opportunities through industry networking.

12. Employee will complete the following ABA Courses: Information Security and Red Flags,

Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC), Fair Lending, Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot

Act, Americans with Disabilities ACT and any Additional ABA Course requirements for

specific departments mandated by Compliance.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

1. Develops and maintains an effective company through the selection, termination, training,

compensation, review and motivation of department managers.

2. Supervises the activities of the Business Development Officer and Relationship Managers.

3. Develops and maintains a program for high performance standards and sound employee

relations at all levels of the company.

4. Provides guidance and direction to employees to assist them in their professional


Skills and Education:

• Prior Senior Lending and Operations experience required.

• Excellent Interpersonal Skills, Organization.

• Oral communication skills, planning.

• Written communication skills, Time Management.

• Budgeting, Budget Analysis, Customer Service.

• Business Analysis, Diplomacy, Market Analysis.

• Negotiations, Risk Analysis.

• Bachelor’s Degree.

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